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A river is one of my favorite metaphors to describe life. Some days it feels like we are floating along “in-the-flow,” having a grand time, life is totally cool and fun. Then life starts to feel out of control and we feel swept up in a strong and unpredictable current. Other times we feel caught in a wild eddy, spinning around and around, unable to make a decision or move on to something new for ourselves.

When it comes time to get support to help you navigate life, there are all kinds of resources available to you and a life coach is one of them. Working with a life coach is profoundly different from working with a consultant, mentor, therapist, or counselor. In coaching we’ll look at the big picture of your life, but the focus of coaching is not on the past as much as it is on the future – the future you and what you want.

Many people think coaching is about achieving results – and it is. I support you in clarifying and setting goals, and in accomplishing them. And, more importantly, we’ll focus on who you want to be – how you want to show up in life as you go about creating what you truly want and achieving your goals.

The important question to think about is who do you want to be as you navigate your river of life?

For example:

  • do you want to resist life or embrace life?
  • do you want to be grumpy or see the possibilities?
  • do you want to blame others and be victim of life/circumstances or do you want to take responsibility for what you create?
  • do you want to be self-critical and judgmental or do you want to be more self-accepting and compassionate?
My focus is on helping you:

  • develop greater awareness of your beliefs, attitudes, choices, etc.
  • have your beliefs and attitudes support you having what you desire and prefer
  • change your self-talk so it supports you
  • make choices in alignment with what you truly want and support you as you pursue what you want
  • feel connected with others and know you are a part of something greater than yourself
  • respond to the challenges of your life in a grounded and assured way, feeling proud of your behavior
  • improve your communications and relationships
  • see yourself as the perfectly designed human being that you are!
As a coach, I consider it my job to be a touchstone for you – a grounded, safe, solid place to touch into to know that all-is-well on the river.