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Trudy Kendall, CPCC, PCC

I consider our journey on this planet as human beings a grand and fascinating adventure – one of constantly expanding love and self-acceptance when we put our hearts and minds to it. I have a passionate interest in exploring with others the deeper questions of this adventure we call life.

In a coaching relationship with me, you will experience me as a highly intuitive and non-judgmental ally. I am someone who connects very easily with others and I bring warmth and compassion together with quirky and playful humor. And, I will always see you as a more magnificent and a brighter light than you see yourself. I am passionate about and dedicated to high-quality, spiritually-based coaching and to having fun in the process.

I have been coaching men and women to cultivate conscious and powerful leadership in all aspects of work and life since I996. My client list is quite eclectic; I haven’t yet coached any “butchers, bakers, or candlestick makers” but I have coached artists, financial planners, stay-at-home moms, executives, teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, pharmacists, writers, administrative assistants, OD specialists, human resource professionals, marketing specialists, engineers, construction workers, non-profit executive directors, IT specialists, project managers, landscapers, students…the list goes on and on.

My professional background includes over 25 years of corporate leadership in international organizations. My early corporate work was with Bechtel Corporation in San Francisco where I held numerous positions of progressive responsibility over an 18-year period – I was a woman on the “fast-track.”

I learned a great deal during those years and one of the most important things I discovered was what I was most passionate about and most gifted at was having one-on-one conversations with people about topics that were near and dear to their hearts. Conversations about their relationships, their health, their future, their creativity, their happiness, their sadness, their spirituality, their aspirations, and their dreams. As a result, in 1998 I became certified as a professional coach and left my corporate gig at Bechtel.

My choice to pursue what I loved opened up many wonderful opportunities for me. Not only did I start my own business, Touchstone Coaching, but in 1999 I joined the executive team at The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and over a period of almost a decade, I served as the Director of Strategic Initiatives, Co-President, and President. In addition, in 200I I joined CTI’s highly respected faculty as both a supervisor and an examiner for their coaching certification program and I continue that work today.

Education, Certifications, and Expertise

  • Golden Gate University BA, Business and Humanities (1995)
  • Certified, Quality Improvement Coach (TEC, 1990)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Qualified Practitioner (CPP, 1996)
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (The Coaches Training, 1998)
  • Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation, 1998)
  • Board Member and President of the Professional Women’s Network, San Francisco, CA (1996-1999)
  • Co-Active Space Leadership Program graduate (CTI, 2001)
  • Completed coaching courses and retreats grounded in principles of metaphysics and spirituality (Lucid Living, 2002 to present)
  • Certified Enneagram Practitioner (Integrative Enneagram Solutions, 2014)


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